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The Engagement...

In Spring of 2009, Yash realized that he was going to ask Jessica to marry him.....so he had to figure out how he was going to do it.  When Jessica’s friend Mirna was visiting them in Tucson, he enlisted her help to find out what kind of ring Jessica would want.  That Mirna is a clever girl and was able to find out that Jessica wanted a vintage style ring with an old style cut like a cushion cut.

Fast forward a couple of months and Yash and Jessica were heading to Seattle for the summer.  They never made it. While stopping to visit Jessica’s friend, Erin, in Santa Barbara, they decided to stay in Santa Barbara for the summer.  This presented the perfect opportunity for a very romantic proposal.  And so this adventure began...

With some help from his dad, who had long owned his own jewelry business, and Mark Nimeh, his friend from Blueground Jewelry in Rochester, NY, Yash designed a vintage ring with a gorgeous cushion cut diamond.  The ring was finally finished in August!  With the ring in hand, Yash had to figure out how to propose so that Jessica would never forget that day.  They had been talking about going horseback riding all summer and Yash thought “what better way to propose to a Southern girl than on horseback in the country!”

With a little research, Yash found a ranch in the beautiful Santa Ynez valley in Southern California that also was a vineyard.  The ranch offered horseback rides through the ranch and vineyards at sunset and then provided a gourmet meal afterward in Los Olivos, a small wine town nestled in the mountains nearby.

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With the date set for the surprise proposal, Yash started making preparations for the big day.  During a weekend visit by an old college friend, Paul, Yash learned how a friend of Paul’s had had a photographer hide in the bushes and take pictures during the proposal unbeknownst to the bride.  He later presented the pictures to her and her family as Christmas gifts. 

Yash decided to do the same thing.  He called up the ranch and asked if they could get a photographer to come out and hide at a predetermined spot on the trail to take pictures of the proposal. With the photographer all set, the only thing left was how to  present the ring.....

Cascarones! These are festive eggshells which are filled with confetti and decorated and then smashed on someone’s head. The egg, of course, has been emptied.  Jessica loves to make these and had many lying about the house.   Yash found one, put the ring inside and wrote “Will You Marry Me?” on it.

So here are the pictures from the proposal.  Our engagement pictures, if you will.